Yamahoto’s Magic in Y3 – Spring 2010

Bearing the up and coming FIFA world cup finals to be held in South Africa next summer in mind, the Japanese fashion virtuoso Yohji Yamahoto has shown a glimpse of his magic in Y-3’s spring 2010 collection. With utmost poise, he coalesced sports with fashion. Yoji Yamahoto was accompanied by Zinedine Zidane, the French superstar soccer player when Y-3 revealed its spring 2010 collection on Septerber 13, 2009. Well Yamahoto is not particularly a big fan of football, and when asked he showed his concern on how the fanatic supporters of the game sometimes stretch it too far. Yet, his inspiration comes from a very interesting perspective, the movement of the net after the ball hits it and a goal is scored. Talking about true genius or what!

Youhji Yamahoto is a cult figure in the field of fashion design and has a legendary status. The Japanese maestro is incredibly talented and highly influential since he made his mark in Paris in 1981. He has many fashion lines under his belt and has worked in collaboration with people and corporations of many different walks of life. The German based sports apparel manufacturer giant Adidas took a very wise step when they have addressed Yamahoto’s talent and decided to team up with him to open a new line named Y-3 in 2003. And ever since its opening, Y-3 has enjoyed considerable success. Yamahoto’s talent has been evident in Y-3’s products and they have been accepted by people worldwide. So it is no wonder why Y-3’s spring 2010 collection has made such a stir.

Most of the pieces of Y-3’s spring 2010 collection have plenty of room for air. They are going to expose your body, but in the most artistic way, so you won’t have to bother about a thing. The jackets look cool, they have chauvinistic shield patches. And the pants look very attractive. The pairing of a blazer over a long dress resembles a blend of structure and flow. Another noticeable and effective factor is the collocation of cloaked jersey and firm cotton pants. The jumpsuits were tiered and also drew huge attention with its originality. There are plenty more to discover in Y-3’s spring 2010 collection. Considering the craze of the upcoming soccer world cup, it is quite evident that Y-3’s spring 2010 collection is going to be a smash hit.

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